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Why Us?


To manage the decisions facing you concerning your current pregnancy,

Alternatives Medical Clinic should be your first stop!


What We Can Provide You

Excellent healthcare from a nationally accredited clinic

We have undergone a rigorous third-party survey process to ensure you will receive top-of-the-line healthcare. This includes:

Verify pregnancy at no cost

We provide complimentary urine pregnancy testing. However, a urine pregnancy test is not conclusive of a pregnancy diagnosis. Urine tests measure the hormone HCG. An average of one in five pregnancies ends naturally.  HCG levels may still give a positive pregnancy test result, but you may no longer have a viable pregnancy.  A limited Ultrasound will confirm a pregnancy diagnosis. 

Limited obstetrical ultrasound scans to learn how far along you are in your pregnancy are at no cost

The type and cost of the abortion you may be considering is partly determined by how far along you are in your pregnancy. A limited obstetric ultrasound provides this information (gestational age). 

Private consultation with a medical professional at no cost

Caring nurses will help you understand the medical health choices available to you and how these choices may affect your medical, emotional, and sexual health.

Save You Money and Time

Many abortion providers charge you for each service given. Though they may have a sliding scale concerning fees, you will have to pay cash, use a credit card, get insurance or take time out of your busy schedule to apply for Medi-Cal insurance.

"What I liked best: 'the information that was given to me and how nice and friendly everyone is.'"

No Pressure. Completely Confidential.

Alternatives Medical Clinic is free and confidential for everyone, no matter what your circumstances. We assist you with accurate evidence-based medical services and education, helping you to make an informed decision

We make no money from any choice you make!   No pressure, no decide. We are here to help.

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Your life. Your body. Your future.
Abortion procedure/direct referral not provided.
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